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Helpful Hints

What To Bring
  • Light weight and easy luggage bags

  • Light simple clothes (1 warm wind proof jacket or jamper for the evening)

  • Sport shoes for on shore

  • Swimming suits

  • Hat to protect your head from the sun

  • A sun cream against sunburn

  • Sleeping bag (only, if you want to sleep on the deck)

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Your own beach towels

The Things the you should be carefull about on board :
  • Please don't throw toilette paper and any foreign substance into the toilettes

  • Please be careful with the wet floor and the stairs, wet floor can make you slip

  • It is very dangereous and not allowed to smoke in cabins. You can smoke on the deck. Please do not throw the stump of a cigarette into the sea

  • Please be careful with the ropes, scuttles, the cables, ground doors, propellers and fans for your safety

  • Please don't jump into the sea before the engines stop or the return completed

  • Please don't leave the yacht without telling anything to your friends or the captain

  • Please watch your personel stuff when its windy outside

  • Please turn the lights off when you leave your cabin

  • Please check your cabin before you leave the yacht.